Sites and General Rules

The slopes we use on the South Downs are:-

Butser Hill which is our main site. 
Mercury (Wether Down)
Harting Down
The Trundle we enjoy as a reciprocal arrangement with CADMAC.

General Rules

Please refer to the Broadsheet which carries this information and more.

The club flies even numbers on 35Mhz and on 2.4Ghz.

When operating on 35Mhz a square orange pennant with your frequency number marked in white must be attached to the transmitter.

We use the peg off system for frequency control on 35Mhz. This means that you must take a peg from the peg board with your frequency channel or colour and clip it to your transmitter before you switch it on.

None of the sites carry a fixed peg board. If one is not present then flyers present must communicate among themselves for control, until one is present.

The club operates a slope proficiency scheme. Novice rated members must NOT fly unless assisted by a Solo rated member. The scheme is there to ensure we can operate safely given many of our sites are shared by members of the public and hang-glider/paragliders. See the Broadsheet for more details. To be put into contact with an assessor for the slope proficiency scheme please contact the Secretary.

Flyers must remain together. If a flyer wishes to fly away from the group i.e. cross country or DS’ing then someone must remain in the main flying area who is aware of that pilot.

The public always take priority even if it means endangering the model.

Flyers must carry MVSA and/or BMFA membership cards.

Please observe the Countryside Code at all times.

These two documents provide a great deal of detail on our responsibilities as model flyers: CAA  Article 16 : Model Aircraft Authorisation: and the BMFA Handbook.

The location of these sites and other slope sites available for us to use, is subject to change and details can be obtained from any committee member.

Hang & Para Gliders

A close liaison exists between the MVSA and the Sky Surfing Club. It has been agreed that we endeavour to keep clear of one another’s air space, but should a model and hang-glider/paraglider appear to be on a collision course, the model must give way.

A model must never be allowed to cross the silhouette of a hang-glider/paraglider.

Should a model make contact with a hang-glider/paraglider, the pilot responsible must report the incident to the safety officer. A written incident report is required in the event of a near miss, injury or damage to either party.