Butser Hill

Butser Hill is just off the A3, south of Petersfield in Hampshire and is part of  Queen Elizabeth Country Park which comes under the jurisdiction of Hampshire County Council.


The MVSA has an agreement with Hampshire County Council which allows us to fly on the hill.

There is an all year ‘Pay on Exit’ car park at the top of the hill.

There are toilet facilities available at the round house near the car park.


  • Slopes
    The West slope gives good flying conditions. Closest slope to the car park providing easy access. Ideal slope for novices as it tends to bring out more club members and is the most forgiving.
  • The South West slope is on the side of a bowl which gives turbulent conditions unless the wind is light. The slope does not lend itself to novices. Ideal for EPP combat models or DS’ing in when the wind is North East.
  • The North slope gives very good flying conditions.
  • The North East slope gives very good flying conditions with a good landing area.
  • The East slope is known as ‘Death Valley’ for a reason. Trees have now grown too tall to safely launch over.
  • The South slope can give good flying conditions, but launching over trees. Good landing area but turbulent in higher wind speeds.


Butser Hill is located in a public park which during the summer can become very busy. When such conditions exist flyers should  constantly be aware that the public has every right to be on the hill. It is in our interest to fly and act responsibly so as not to jeopardise this site.


Butser Hill is open to any member of the BMFA, but subject to MVSA rules. All flyers must however have passed the MVSA safety assessment before flying unsupervised, see General Rules

A maximum of 13 models are allowed in the air at any one time although clearly there may be times when this number should be reduced, particularly if any hang/paragliders are airborne.

No bungees or tow lines are allowed.

Only model gliders are allowed.
Model gliders with motors which drive propellers are permitted so long as the motor is only used to assist for a few seconds with launching and then only if they are very quiet and their use for launch is strictly necessary. No further motor use is permitted due to noise restrictions.
All other powered models or gliders powered by other means are forbidden.

The hill is also popular with hang/paragliders. The Sky Surfing Club manage manned flight on the hill. As many of the slopes are quite narrow great care must be taken when sharing the slope. On the West slope, models should try to keep to the north end and paragliders to the south.

FPV (first person view)

Flying with the use of a camera is not permitted on this site.