Whilst not the most common wind direction this is probably the best slope we fly at when the wind is right. Good clean air, abundant lift and no obstacles. A large landing area allows even the largest of scale gliders to be operated easily. This is another site that is very popular with hang-glider/paragliders.

The slope faces East. With a North East bowl at the Southern end of the slope (out of bounds if hang/paragliders are present).


The site is available for use by the MVSA and the Sky Surfing Club.
Note:- CADMAC have an open invitation to fly under MVSA rules.
This is a private site, for which a fee is paid by the club.

A maximum of 13 models are allowed in the air at any one time.

Gliders which have been fitted with a single electric motor, powering either a propeller or a ducted fan, are permitted but must follow the same safety related rules as all other gliders. Electric thermal gliders may be flown in all wind directions.
A few additional safety related rules apply specifically to electric powered gliders. These are :-
• Do not run the motor on the ground behind any person. Perform motor checks in front of, or to one side of, the flight line.
• All electric powered models must have a failsafe set to kill power in the event of a loss of radio signal.
• While performance/speed runs are allowed (as they are for non-electric gliders), uninterrupted use of the motor simply to enable continual performance runs is not in the spirit of gliding and is therefore not permitted.

A white triangle marker is located on a fence post approximately half way across the slope. Modellers shall fly to the North of this marker and hang glider/para gliders to the South.

Do not climb over the fence, there are stiles at either end of the field should you need to go down the slope.

FPV (first person view)

Flying with the use of a camera is permitted, provided that Skysurfers are not flying and other members are in agreement.

This is a private site for members only. Please contact the secretary if you would like to visit.

General Rules